"We Who Believe in Freedom" Art Exhibit by Winston Harris

Tuesday, February, 06, 2018

Opening Reception – February 6, 2018 • 6 until 8p.m.

From the artist: This series reflects my interpretation of non-violent protest by using elements and images associated with the conceptual theme, “In My Lifetime.” The artwork identifies my interest in recognizing the importance and power of unification used by historic leaders to express social movements applied through peaceful demonstrations. One may argue that these methods aren’t as effective now as in times past. But, one must recognize those who set the standards for past and present peaceful protest in the name of Freedom. The viewer will be introduced to a composition that attempts to provoke and promote self awareness, social consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. These elements are projected by great pioneers for Civil Rights during their Quest for Peace and Justice.

The artwork from this series “In My Lifetime” consists of pieces celebrating commemorative events in American history, especially significant to African American history and culture. The artwork presents images highlighting the milestones that occurred and changed our perceptions forever. Imbedded in the composition are recognizable personalities, from network broadcasters and news anchors to political activists and unveiled campaign symbols to identify the events of a day that made a monumental impact.


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"Material Culture in the Delta" Exhibit - Photos by Maria Zeringue, Jennifer Joy Jameson and Amy Evans