What you see here barely scratches the surface of what you can find at the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center. Our archives are filled with inspiring stories and insights into the land and conditions that gave birth to the Delta Blues.

The Blues Were Born: Reverend Matthews

Reverend Matthews, a delta area pastor speaks on "the birth of the blues".

The Guitar Man: Oscar Butler

One of B.B.'s childhood friend recalls their days of picking cotton and listening to a young Riley play the blues.

My Back Porch Guitar

B.B. remembers his first handmade "instrument...his "Back Porch Guitar".

A Moment With the King: Best Meal

After leaving Lexington, MS to return to Kilmicheal, MS, B.B. recalls an "angel" who helped him along the way.

A Moment With the King: Bird Story

Sometimes even "child's play" can have a lifelong impact on one's life.

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