The B.B. King Museum is dedicated to celebrating the life and music of this iconic artist, and it is B.B.’s expressed wish that education and community outreach be at the heart of our mission. We honor him and his legacy by providing educational programs designed to offer young people the kind of hope and opportunity that was not available to Riley B. King in the Mississippi of his youth. Student group tours are also available.

Online Activities

Because of our current in-person restrictions due to COVID-19, we are offering these online tools to help you continue working with your students and children. Feel free to download any of the resources below based on age range.

HOW TO ENTER: 1) Post a photo with your completed project to social media with the tag: #BBKingEducation OR 2) email your completed project photos to mclark@bbkingmuseum.org. Winners will be chosen and notified every two weeks.

Ages 1-5:

Color the Big Red Bus (pdf) (jpg)

B.B. King and Sesame Street (pdf) (jpg)

Color B.B.’s Tractor (pdf) (jpg)

Make a Lucille (pdf) (jpg)

Cowboy King (pdf) (jpg)

Paper Plate Cowboy Hat (pdf) (jpg)

Ages 6-11:

One Shoe Blues: Video & Coloring Page (pdf) (jpg)

Paper Plate Guitar (pdf) (jpg)

Going on an Adventure (Map) (pdf) (jpg)

Parts of the Guitar (pdf) (jpg)

Cowboy Color by Number (pdf) (jpg)

Meet Lucille (pdf) (jpg)

Ages 11 and up:

Name that B.B. King Lyric! (pdf) (jpg)

Word Scramble (pdf) (jpg)

Virtual Sheet Music (pdf) (jpg)

B.B.’s Biography (pdf) (jpg)

Color by Musical Notes (pdf) (jpg)

Johnny Appleseed Week

PreK thru 1st Grade Activities 2020 (pdf)

Reading Activity 1 (pdf)

Reading Activity 2 (pdf)

Reading Activity 3 (pdf)

Reading Activity 4 (pdf)

Reading Activity 5 (pdf)

Reading Activity 6 (pdf)

Reading Activity 7 (pdf)

Reading Activity 8 (pdf)

Reading Activity 9 (pdf)

Reading Activity 10 (pdf)

Arts Activity 1 (pdf)

Arts Activity 2 (pdf)

Arts Activity 3 (pdf)

Math Activity 1 (pdf)

Math Activity 2 (pdf)

Math Activity 3 (pdf)

Math Activity 4 (pdf)

Math Activity 5 (pdf)

Science Activity 1 (pdf)

Science Activity 2 (pdf)

STEM Activity – 2 pages (pdf)

Be Smart: Control your Diabetes Tips

October’s Tip (pdf) (jpg)

November’s Tip (pdf) (jpg)

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B.B. King Museum has put together MONTHLY quizzes for a GRAND PRIZE. Come back each month, enter your answers, and be put into the drawing.


Computer Lab Now Available

Begins November 2nd – Open Monday through Thursday

Hours: 4:15 until 6:15 PM

The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center now features a handicap-accessible, ten-station computer lab to provide students with internet access, Microsoft software, and a printing area. The lab was constructed with grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

The following lab policies have been established to serve the interests of our students and to provide an environment most conducive to academic endeavors:

The Lab is FREE to current 1st through 12th grade students of Indianola, Sunflower County and surrounding Delta communities.

The Lab will be staffed with two certified teachers and a certified counselor who will offer a place for students to study and use these tools in a safe environment. 

The Lab will adhere to CDC guidelines. A mask MUST be worn when entering the computer lab and for remainder of the visit.

The lab has been designated a Quiet Area devoted to academic pursuits. Anyone creating a disturbance will be asked to leave. Cell phones must be silenced before entering the lab.

Please do not leave personal items unattended. The Museum staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not bring food or drinks into the lab.


B.B. King AllStars

B.B. King AllStars

The B.B. King Museum's AllStars Ensemble displays the amazing musical talents of our Delta area children. Learn more

B.B.'s Bridge Building Ambassadors

B.B.'s Bridge Building Ambassadors

Our B.B.'s Bridge Building Ambassadors program is designed to engage Indianola and Sunflower County junior high and high school students in discovering their own leadership abilities by exploring history and participating in a variety of learning and leadership development opportunities. Learn more



B.B. King Museum offers several programs for kids and adults, including those in healthcare, arts, and music. Learn more

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

A developed a curriculum gives teachers a lesson plans to connect the Museum exhibit to those core competencies. Learn more