This exhibit is designed to educate children aged 5-12 about the diverse cultural heritage of Mississippi that is built around the life story of B.B. King. The students will be taken on a world tour as they travel with B.B. on the large floor map where they can learn directions, time zones, and see the extent of B.B.’s travels and infl uence.

B.B.’s Wide World Adventures will help children get a feel for this iconic musician while also teaching them the early beginnings of blues instruments, geography, basic music notes, and most important–the hope that comes through education.

The components of B.B. King’s Wide World Adventures exhibit are packed in a fun case, and along with the map rug, the bus becomes a centerpiece where the children can gather. There are three sections that each tell a different part of B.B.’s story.

They include cards with a photograph on one side and a brief description and questions on the other. This gives the teacher/parent some ideas for beginning the educational interaction with the children.

1- The Early Years:

This section begins with B.B. as a child and follows him through being a tractor driver for a plantation owner, to being a member of a gospel group, to writing jingles for a radio station in Memphis. A diddley bow, a precursor to the guitar, is included in this case along with instructions for the children to take home and build their own.

2- Life on the Road:

Because being on the road was a major part of B.B.’s life, the opportunity exists to teach the young people about geography and show the many places where B.B. traveled to perform. They can use the large guitar picks to mark the spots they locate on the map.

3- Never Stop Learning:

B.B.’s lifelong love of learning is the focus of this section. The cards show him using the latest technologies, appearing on Sesame Street, wearing a cap and gown receiving an honorary degree from Yale, and meeting with dignitaries from all over the world.

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