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Through music, Mississippi communities have contributed greatly to the world outside our state, but most importantly the music of Mississippians has connected us to one another. The willingness of Mississippians to tell their stories and sing their songs demonstrates the passing of traditions across the generations. Consequently, words are valued in communities across the state. The preacher delivers a message through speech and chant, the storyteller shares lessons through humor or dramatization, and the musician takes elements of both to communicate the wisdom of the heart. Committing these stories to the written page and giving them voice have produced the greatest resource for teachers teaching about Mississippians who practice the art of writing and performing America’s Roots culture.

Through a partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the B.B. King Museum now has developed a curriculum that aligns with state education standards and lesson plans to connect the Museum exhibit to those core competencies. This was accomplished with the hard work of Consultant Althea Jerome.

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